Handling and Storage Guidelines

CMS Danskin Acoustics cast stone external window sills are easy to handle, store and install. However, special attention should be paid to the following information:


  • Don’t store pallets on sloping or uneven ground
  • Make sure storage area is flat, level and dry
  • Never stack pallets and large units on top of each other
  • When unpacking products, do not burst open the wrapping either by hand or with site tools. It should be cut open with a knife, taking care not to damage the faces
  • When moving pallets of cast stone units, always re-use interior packing to prevent damage to faces, arrises and profiles

Site Handling

The safe handling of cast stone components is essential in order to ensure that they remain undamaged. Where handling information is not clear, contact the supplier for further recommendations.

  • A manual handling assessment should be carried out before the units or pallets are moved
  • Always use suitable plant for moving the product around site and ensure wherever possible that units are delivered to the work area before any obstructions are put in the way
  • Units should be adequately supported to ensure ease of handling. Care must be exercised not to drop the product
  • Re-use interior packing to protect faces and arrises etc.during site handling
  • Care should be taken not to slide the units across each other

External Cast Stone Window Sills should be cut with a diamond tipped masonry blade which should ideally be water fed. Once cut, all units should be washed down to remove any excess dust. Due regard should be given to protecting the operative in accordance with current Health & Safety considerations for dust suppression and elimination in the workplace.

Alternatively CMS Danskin Acoustics offer a cut to size service from their facility in Wishaw, Scotland.