Why Choose Cast Stone Sills?

In a nutshell:

  • More Cost-Effective than Quarried Stone but Just as Effective
  • Greater Aesthetic Appeal and More Durable than uPVC
  • A Quality-Controlled, Consistent Product

Whereas uPVC can appear at odds with a more traditional building design, particularly on a refurbishment project, stone sills are the perfect complement, blending seamlessly with the existing materials, including brick, stone or render.

However, natural quarried stone sills are, as you’d expect, expensive.

Cast stone sills are a fraction of the cost. In fact, cast stone sills can be as much as a quarter of the cost of natural quarried stone sills.

But this reduction in price doesn’t mean cast stone sills are by any means an inferior product.

For strength, moisture penetration, colour and textural consistency, cast stone sills can match, or even exceed, natural quarried stone sills blow-for-blow.

What’s more cast stone sills are free of the natural imperfections and stratification witnessed in quarried stone sills. And, because natural stone sills only come in the colours that are naturally occurring, the palette is restricted. Whereas cast stone sills can have colours specially added, massively extending that palette to match your aesthetic requirements.

Compared to uPVC sills, cast stone sills offer a wide range of benefits.

They are more robust in extremes of weather, not prone to twisting and warping. They are available in a much wider range of colours. They add to the aesthetic value of your property and to the authenticity of more traditional structures.